“Having witnessed and resisted the inexplicable power of evil, we now invoke the victim's suffering but only to acclaim our decision of preventing that evil from growing again in any county, in any way, against any human being.”

Elie Wiesel. Shoah Survivor, Nobel Prize 1986

Generations of the Shoah in Argentina is an association that brings together survivors of the Shoah, their children, grandchildren, family members and all those who are interested in the subject. Bearing a legacy that must be transmitted, we meet to share our experiences and to reflect and bring new meaning to them. With that goal in mind, we devote ourselves to many activities: conferences, workshops, films, publications and lectures. We keep the memory of the Shoah alive, remembering those who were silenced by death and also honoring those who survived, always keeping in mind the generations to come. Past, present and future are intertwined: The past viewed in the context of the present with an eye towards the future. Only education can build a better tomorrow, a society whose basic values are dignity, ethics, and mutual respect. In our spaces of reflection and dialogue, we strive to avoid the stereotypes that oversimplify the complexity of human and social behavior.

If you have the speakers on you are listening to Jacko Zeller´s "To the future"
composed for the International Conference "Facing the Future" held in Buenos Aires, november 2004.
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